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About Us

Hard HG Grup

During the last years of technological development in the industrial field have made ​​significant changes in the market of Industrial Supply .
The quality requirements in the delivery , competitive prices Excellence • Excellence in technical and after-sales service , and no doubt the globalization trend , form an increasingly rigorous stage in organizations.

In 1987 was born HARD GRUP coincidence on the assessments of these realities by a group of leading companies .
The conviction that , the supplier-customer collaboration and quality in service and technical staff and treatment are values ​​that should not disappear , but rather should encourage and the ability to negotiate with suppliers , increasingly more power, are fundamental , led to the creation of this group .


This vision , now a reality , enables us to offer today our customers the best brands , a wide range of products and very competitive prices .
The strength of our group allows us a complete understanding of the sources of supply and new developments at the global level , with the possibility of offering the highest levels of quality both the products and the services we provide to our customers.

Hard Grup is a very important tool that has supported our company in order to achieve our main objective , meet the expectations of our customers have deposited in our company.

Our catalog is a more synergies obtained by this clustering result and a clear example of the possibilities for the future. A future that we must build our daily work, dedication , enthusiasm and efficiency , unmistakable signs of the identity of all the companies that are HARD GROUP , which are those that have led us to the culmination of this catalog , and , expect it to be a valuable source of information and a new means for mutual collaboration and propose we defend every action , the sole and fundamental target :